Hand-Made Jewelry
  Hand Cut & Textured Copper Jewelry


Earrings:  Abalone & Silver with Turquoise, Coral or Jade

Also available in Malachite.

Earrings:  Copper,

red jade, brass, gold

(See Below - Hand-Cut & Textured Copper)

Abalone, Malachite, Jasper, Aventurine

& Silver

Abalone, Turquoise, Malachite,

Tiger’s Eye & Silver

Turquoise, Jasper

Copper & Silver

Spiny Oyster Shell Pearl, Abalone, Aventurine

& Copper Clasp

Earrings: Antique Glass, red jade, Copper, gold

Turquoise Teardrop Beads from my trip to Peru with Silver, Malachite & Jade

Natural Pearls Suspended in Hand-Molded Gold Wire with Brass, Copper, Chalcedony and Calcite (l) Unakite (r)

Earrings:  Amber Colored Etched Glass Beads with Hand-Sculpted Gold Wire and Tasseled with Brass and Copper (l) Rose Gold (r)

Custom designed necklace for Carol Spears, owner of

Kids Cuts, Goleta. 

She requested  khaki/ olive green dominant coloring  for the piece because of its neutral tone that can go with most any outfit. 

Made with Abalone, Silver, Jade, Unakite, Agate & Chalcedony

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Carol wearing her new necklace at her shop.

Replica of bronze era, baltic islands earrings.  Made with Hand-cut, textured & sculpted Copper &

brass with gold and red jade

Copper & brass Amulet on Gold Chain.  Inspired by ancient tribal talismans. Hand-cut, textured & sculpted.

Native American inspired

Copper Earrings:

Hand-cut textured & sculpted

with abalone (l) or urchin spine (r)


(left plate)Silver with Jade (l),

Pearl & Coral (r)

(right plate) Silver, Jade

& Nickel

Inspired by the ocean and stones

of Big Sur. Most of my pieces contain shells and sea-influenced colors.

It is my hope that my jewelry

expresses a “rugged elegance”,

much like the natural world.

Enjoy the collections.

They are hand-made with love.

Michelle Ann Silva, Jewelry Artist