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What clients have said...

“Wow! Michelle. My Lungs feel lighter and more open. Can take a deep breath. Amazing. My husband could tell just from talking to me over the phone. THANK YOU!” -A.B.

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for a productive massage yesterday. This morning was the first time in almost two year that I've been able to go for a run without intense rib pain. My shoulders are still a little stiff, but this is huge progress. I am so excited to turn this corner!”

- Kristiana Almeida / Santa Barbara

A great massage in a relaxing atmosphere! Will go back again soon!”

"I am an active, athletic woman. When I got two frozen shoulders at the same time it put a major dent in my sports life and daily activities.  I was in considerable pain and my range of motion was so limited that I could barely reach behind my head to tie my hair in a pony tail.  Exercises from  physical therapy were helping a bit, but only to a certain point. On a fluke I thought to ask Michelle if she would work on my shoulders.  I am so glad I did. She did  a series 3-4  “trigger point” sessions, and almost immediately I got relief from the pain and increased mobility in my shoulders. Within 8 weeks I was stand up paddling again.  Now I go to her when I begin to feel tight in my neck or shoulders as I really do believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  I recommend her highly.”    - Ashley Anderson / Santa Barbara CA

“I feel really good.  My knee’s not bothering me.  My back is not hurting me.  I’m walking straight.  My doctor noticed it right away when I went in for my appointment. Thanks a lot. The massage was perfect.  I really appreciate it!”

“Michelle is a very gifted massage therapist and I have the pleasure of getting treatments regularly! I love the use of art throughout her place and in her work, it really is a massage gallery. As a doctor of chiropractic I have come across a lot of massage therapists but she is the best! Thanks Michelle!”  -Dr. Crystal/ Goleta

“During a very stressful time in my life a dear friend of mine (who is also a HUGE fan of Michelle's) recognized that I was in desperate need of a massage. Knowing that I was very stressed and very busy, he kindly and very generously made an appointment and paid for me to have a much needed massage by Michelle. It was more incredible than I could have ever imagined. It was Euphoric!! Michelle has a very unique and amazing talent. She is kind and can make even the most type A personality relax and feel at ease. She truly has a gift and I am ever so thankful that she is now a part of my life. Michelle has grown to be a supportive and encouraging friend. She is so talented in many ways. If you have an opportunity to see her be prepared to RELAX and enjoy her healing and therapeutic touch!!!”   - Trisha P.

“We were so happy with our experience there that we are now regular customers for massages and facials. The price is reasonable and we feel like new people after our treatments.”

“ As an air traffic controller my job can be demanding and stressful. Michelle, the owner, has helped moderate that stress with massage and it's made for a better balance in my life. Not only is Michelle skilled at massage, but she puts out such good energy that she makes you feel valued - not just as a client but as person. I never have any hesitation in recommending her to friends. You'll leave feeling valued and pampered!”  - Gary Y/ Santa Barbara

"I hired Michelle Silva of the Massage Gallery to give chair massages to my bridesmaids and helpers the night we all got together to make the wedding bouquets and centerpieces. We had ordered a large amount of bulk roses and it was a BIG job! I wanted to to do something special for all the ladies who were pitching in, and this turned out to be an amazing treat! Michelle came over to our house and gave a wonderful relaxing massage to each person, including our flower girl! She paid such kind attention to each of us, and was so sweet and fun to be with! Her pricing is very reasonable and her massages are heavenly!”  -Annie / Santa Barbara CA

"Michelle has worked miracles helping me keep my stress level down.  My first massage was a gift and I was so surprised how much it helped that I visit the Gallery once a month for a back and body "tune-up." I continually recommend Michelle's magic hands to anyone who will listen.  Everyone should take the opportunity to see how much Michelle's magic can help them.”

-Mazie C./ Carpinteria

“From the moment I walked into The Massage Gallery i knew i was in for a fabulous treat.  Everything about the being here felt calm, relaxing, inviting and safe.  Then Michelle began her work.  My expections were surpassed.  Michelle is warm and quiet yet very committed to feeling, hearing exactly what I my body needed.  i highly reccommend treating yourself to an hour or so with Michelle at The Massage Gallery.”   -Janie A.

"Michelle provides excellent services, with years of experience and knowledge for health benefits. Her office is incredibly calming, an ambiance of soothing aromas and soft music. She provides a wide range of services from facials to full body massages. Her chair massages are a wonderful addition to special events and a great treat that office managers can provide their employees. I highly recommend Michelle, as a professional and a friend."   -Sandy Goe/ Santa Barbara

“I highly recommend Michelle Silva of The Massage Gallery. She gives incredible massages, tailored specifically to your needs. Her massages are the ultimate in relaxation and stress-reduction.”  -Ellen B./ Goleta

“Michelle put me in a trance! What an awesome massage! I left feeling relaxed, yet invigorated! She has wonderfully healing hands :)”  -Linda B/

“Thanks for the massage!  I was driving home and realized, wow I feel good.”

- Juliana Nania/ Massage Therapist/ Goleta

“Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment you gave our employees.”  - Dan/ City of Goleta